Can You Use an AeroPress to Make Tea?

If you own an AeroPress, it’s likely one of your favorite brewing devices you have. Mine is. It’s so simple to use, and the cleanup is a breeze. As such, you may question whether your favorite little device can be used to brew tea as well.

Can you use AeroPress coffee makers to make tea? Yes, you can use an AeroPress to make tea. It’s a relatively simple process using the inverted method. Continue reading to learn how. 

Let’s begin by going through the steps to brewing your favorite tea with an AeroPress.

Inverted AeroPress Method

Brewing tea with an AeroPress is rather simple and can be completed in 6 short steps. 

Gather your ingredients and needed equipment.

List of items needed to brew tea in your aeropress
1. filtered water
2. loose tea leaves
3. additives
4. aero press with filter
5. mug

Next, fill your favorite kettle with filtered water. Our favorite gooseneck stovetop kettle is the Barista found here on Amazon. Although you don’t necessarily need a gooseneck kettle for an AeroPress, it is still my preferred method. 

If fully electric is something you desire, I highly recommend the Cosori Electric Kettle with Auto Shutoff. 

Boil the water, but let it cool for about a minute before using it. The perfect temperature is about 185 degrees Fahrenheit. Using a digital water thermometer can help you in finding the right temperature. 

Using filtered water will improve the taste of your tea and is much better for your health. For more on what type of water you should use, click here. 

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Now that the water is at the perfect temperature (185 degrees Fahrenheit), you are ready to use the AeroPress. When brewing tea, you will want to use a metal filter instead of paper filters because it will help hold back all of the tea leaves. 

Start by pulling the AeroPress to its extended position, so the plunger is about an inch into the brewing chamber. You can now add your loose-leaf tea. If you’re unsure how much to add, start with 2.8 grams of tea for 200 ml of water.

Now to brewing. Instead of the typical way to use this brewing device, you will use the inverted method. It’s important to note here that some people also prefer to use the inverted method when brewing coffee. 

Pour the hot water into the AeroPress in a circular motion and set a timer for 2 1/2 minutes for the perfect brew. Brewing for less time will cause your tea to taste more earthy while brewing over 2 1/2 minutes will bring out more bitterness.

Now, place the lid with the metal filter on the Aeropress, and wait. When the timer is up, invert the AeroPress and put it on your mug. Slowly plunge down.

Caution: Using the inverted method increases the risk of spilling hot water.

Add any milk or sugar if you like, and enjoy!

Why Would You Use an AeroPress to Brew Tea?

Due to the relatively small size of the AeroPress, it is excellent to use when traveling or in the workplace. Instead of having multiple items to brew your coffee in the morning and tea in the afternoon, the AeroPress allows you to do both with one compact device. 

Making Cold Brew Tea with an AeroPress

Is cold brew tea more your thing? No worries, an AeroPress can be used to make that as well. Follow the steps listed above and add more steeping time. Add your ice and viola!

It’s as simple as that!

What Type of Tea Can be Brewed in an AeroPress?

Any flavor of loose-leaf tea can be used in your AeroPress, including green, herbal, white, and oolong. 

If you’re seeking a boost in caffeine from your tea, check out the table below to see which tea contains the most caffeine. 

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table comparing the caffeine content of various types of teas.

What is Another Device to Brew Tea?

A French Press is another alternative to brew your hot loose-leaf tea.

Like an AeroPress, it uses an immersion brew. Instead of water passing through the coffee grounds or tea leaves, in this case, the hot water and tea leaves are immersed together for a period of time.

The steeping time is often different between a French Press and an AeroPress. Depending on what type of tea leaf you are using will affect how long the steeping time.

Click here to read further on how to brew tea with a French Press.

Can You Reuse Loose-Leaf Tea?

There is no reason to throw loose-leaf tea away immediately after using it. Due to its strong flavor, loose-leaf tea does not lose its taste after steeping once. 

Now every tea will be different, and no tea leaf will last forever. Take a quick look at the table below to help you get an idea of how many times you can reuse your favorite tea. 

chart showing which tea leaves can be reused.
Reusing Tea Leaves

Comparing Aeropress and FrenchPress

Aeropress is another handy device that can make tea. Click here to see how it differs from a FrenchPress.

When comparing each of these brewing devices, they each their strengths and weaknesses. In terms of taste, the AeroPress is slightly better than the French Press because it makes a cleaner brew, and the coffee flavors are more prominent. Click the link to take a look at the strengths and weaknesses of both.

Final Thoughts

The inverted brew method of an AeroPress is a great alternative when brewing loose tea leaves. You can also use tea bags if that is all you have, but cut open the bag and use the contents.

Can You Use a French Press to Make Tea?

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