What Type of Coffee Does Cracker Barrel Use? Is It Good Coffee?

You recently had a delicious meal at Cracker Barrel, but what most tantalized your tastebuds was the coffee. You’d love to have another cup without having to stop by Cracker Barrel so soon. What kind of coffee does the restaurant brew and is it readily available to consumers?

Cracker Barrel uses its own branded coffee, which is 100 percent pure Arabica beans sourced from South and Central America as well as East Africa. If you can’t get enough of the stuff, you can buy whole bags of Cracker Barrel brand coffee through their website or even at some locations.

This guide to Cracker Barrel coffee will provide you with all the information you need to know, including what coffee beans are used, where the coffee comes from, and­–most importantly–whether it’s worth drinking! 

What Type of Coffee Does Cracker Barrel Restaurant Serve?

The home-style meals on Cracker Barrel’s menu go better with a cup of coffee, or maybe several cups in your opinion. When you gulp it down, exactly what kind of coffee are you drinking?

Cracker Barrel serves its own branded coffee at its restaurants throughout the country, of which there are 663 locations in 45 states as of 2020. 

What coffee does Cracker Barrel use? Information on the coffee was sparse, which probably is by design. This is something we talked about in our post about IHOP coffee, but many restaurants don’t openly reveal ingredients and recipe quantities for their menu items. 

In doing so, they can keep their menus exclusive so they have a competitive edge over other establishments. The restaurant industry is among the most cutthroat, so this isn’t a bad business move.

That said, we were able to dig up some info about the coffee that Cracker Barrel brews fresh for its customers each day. The restaurant chain uses premium, 100 percent Arabica coffee beans. The beans are sourced from South and Central America and East Africa as well. 

Is Cracker Barrel Coffee Good? 

Taste is subjective, so everyone who tries Cracker Barrel coffee might not love it. Most people who sample this restaurant-brewed coffee though go gaga, and for good reason!

For the low cost of Cracker Barrel’s coffee (which is something we’ll talk more about later in this article), the quality of the coffee is excellent. Pure coffee beans really make a big difference in flavor, which is something that Cracker Barrel coffee has in spades. 

The flavor notes are very pleasing to most people who drink Cracker Barrel coffee. The sweet notes taste especially great when mixed with a bit of milk, be that whole-fat or low-fat milk. Even nut milks are complementary to the sweetness of the pure Arabica beans. Only the finest beans for Cracker Barrel.

The balanced taste profile of Cracker Barrel coffee wins it much acclaim as well. 

Here’s a Reddit post celebrating the consistent deliciousness of Cracker Barrel’s coffee compared to other breakfast restaurants like it. 

Consistency is great in a restaurant, especially if you have favorite items on the menu. You can come to rely on the quality every time, which might make you want to visit again and again! 

Cracker Barrel’s Coffee Menu – What’s There to Drink?

You’re going to Cracker Barrel for a family brunch this morning. Sure, you’re excited about the food, but you’re more jazzed about what’s to drink. What does the beverage menu look like?

We should note that the Cracker Barrel beverage menu items–like their food menu items–do change geographically and seasonally. 

That said, here is a sample Cracker Barrel coffee menu:

  • Freshly brewed premium coffee with 100 percent premium Arabica beans 
  • Freshly brewed premium decaf coffee with 100 percent premium Arabica beans
  • Iced vanilla latte (traditional espresso latte with vanilla flavoring and ice) – 190 calories
  • Vanilla latte (traditional espresso latte with vanilla flavoring served hot) – 230 calories
  • Iced mocha (traditional espresso mocha with chocolate and ice) – 260 calories
  • Mocha (traditional espresso mocha with chocolate served hot) – 310 calories
  • Iced latte (traditional espresso latte over ice) – 90 calories
  • Latte (traditional espresso latte served hot) – 140 calories
  • Iced caramel latte (traditional espresso latte with caramel flavoring and ice) – 210 calories
  • Caramel latte (traditional espresso latte with caramel flavoring served hot) – 250 calories
  • Cookies N’ Crème Hot Chocolate (hot chocolate with cookies s n’ crème sauce and crushed chocolate cookies) 

If you’re thirsty for a beverage outside of coffee, Cracker Barrel has those too. Here’s a rundown of what else there is to drink:

  • Orange juice (16 ounces) – 200 calories
  • Apple juice (16 ounces) – 210 calories
  • Whole milk (16 ounces) – 300 calories
  • Skim milk – 180 calories
  • Reduced-fat milk (16 ounces) – 260 calories
  • Chocolate milk – 460 calories
  • Freshly brewed sweetened iced tea (32 ounces) – 130 calories
  • Freshly brewed unsweetened iced tea (32 ounces) 
  • Sugarplum tea – 230 calories
  • Peach tea – 240 calories
  • Soda – 350 to 580 calories 

How Much Does Coffee at Cracker Barrel Cost?

Cracker Barrel is known for its family-friendly breakfast foods and does not break the bank when you dine there. Their coffee is inexpensive as well, which we insinuated earlier.

As a note, coffee prices may vary from one Cracker Barrel location to another. Keeping that in mind, a cup of premium Arabica bean Cracker Barrel coffee costs $2.69.

The iced and hot lattes are priced at $3.39, and even the hot chocolate is available for under $4. Considering that the average price for milk beverages is about $3.20 and the tea costs nearly $3 and the soda the same, coffee is one of the most inexpensive beverages on the Cracker Barrel menu. 

Since the coffee is so low-cost, you’re free to enjoy several cups in one sitting without worrying about an expensive bill at the end of your meal. 

Can You Buy Cracker Barrel Coffee to Brew at Home?

Cracker Barrel is more than just a restaurant. Attached to their locations is the Crater Barrel Old Country Store. 

Before sitting down to dine or afterward, you can browse the Old Country Store to buy all sorts of goods, everything from old-style electronics to books, music and movies, games and toys, clothing, and even some furniture items.

Why are we telling you this? The Old Country Store is also your chance to get your hands on some Cracker Barrel Coffee to brew at home. You might even buy some pancake or biscuit mix while you’re there to truly recreate the Cracker Barrel experience in your own kitchen.  

If your local Old Country Store is clear out of coffee, then try the Cracker Barrel website. You can shop their regular or decaf coffee in 16-ounce bags for $10 each. The website also sells decorative mugs that are perfect for enjoying Cracker Barrel coffee! 

Do you own a Keurig coffeemaker? Many coffee brands have gotten in on producing their own K Cup flavors, and that’s true of Cracker Barrel as well. 

The Cracker Barrel regular K Cups will make a medium-roast Arabica coffee. The flavor isn’t quite the same as regular Cracker Barrel coffee, but it’s still tasty. 

The Cracker Barrel website does not sell branded K Cups though. 

Final Thoughts

Cracker Barrel is a celebrated country-style breakfast restaurant that is especially beloved for its delicious and inexpensive coffee. Whether you stick to visiting Cracker Barrel for the coffee or brew some yourself at home, you can’t go wrong either way!  

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