Should I Freeze My Fresh Coffee Grounds?

On the weekends, you love to grind coffee beans. The aromatic, flavorful cup of coffee you get is always worth the effort. You wish you had the time to grind coffee daily, but the weekdays are busy. Should you freeze fresh coffee grounds to use all week long? Yes, you can freeze …

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Can Used Coffee Grounds Go Down a Garbage Disposal?

Many people believe that garbage disposal can be used as a trash can, but this isn’tisn’t entirely true. Many substances and objects cannot be disposed of in this way. Doing so can lead to various problems with plumbing and drainage. But, can you put coffee grounds down a garbage disposal? Do not …

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What Country Does the Best Coffee Come From?

You’re lookin to purchase the best quality beans to brew your coffee every morning. Coffee is grown all around the world, but some¬†climates¬†are more prone to grow a higher quality bean. Coffee farmers from over 50 different countries work hard everyday growing and harvesting beans to be roasted and brewed for coffee …

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