What You Need To Make Latte Art

If you are looking to create those beautiful latte art designs in your coffee, you may need to upgrade your coffee machine. Unfortunately, the cheaper devices don’t really enable you to make latte art. The best and easiest way to make those lovely designs is to purchase an espresso machine.

Even though an espresso machine may be the easiest way to make coffee with latte art, it isn’t a necessity. There are other options, products, and tools that will allow you to create latte art masterpieces without spending hundreds of dollars on an espresso machine.

Below, we first start with our favorite espresso machine if money isn’t holding you back. Then, we’ll list other tools and products needed if you decide to go another route.

Barista Espresso Machine would be my first choice, although the price tag isn’t my favorite. The machine freshly grinds your coffee beans in less than a minute with it’s dose control grinder giving you your preferred taste every time.

It includes a powerful steam wand that allows you to create micro- foam that not only allows you to create latte art, but also enhances the taste of your cup of coffee.

Items Needed to Create Latte Art Without an Espresso Machine

French Press

The Secura French Press Coffee Maker is the next best thing to an espresso machine. It’s made of stainless steal that will give you amazing tasting coffee every time.

Milk Pitcher

This stainless steal pitcher is perfect for pouring your steamed milk into your mug. The point mouth design prevents leaking and offers precision when pouring.

Milk Frother

The Milk Boss Frother is a great tool to get that professional looking foam. They are easy to use and quick to clean up after.

For some added fun, you may want to check out these additional tools.

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