How to Use a Flavia Coffee Machine: A Quick Guide

You recently received a Flavia coffee machine as a gift. After opening the packaging and instructions, you take a look at the coffee machine. You’re not quite sure how it works. How can you brew coffee with a Flavia?

Here’s how to use a Flavia coffee machine:

  • Plug in the Flavia 
  • Open the lid at the top of the machine and pour in water, then close that lid
  • Turn the pack door lid to open it
  • Add the coffee brewing pack, closing the pack door lid
  • Choose your beverage type
  • Brew

If you’re still a little unclear on how it all works, that’s okay. In this quick but informative guide, we’ll explain the above steps in more detail. You’ll also learn about the Flavia brand and glean some troubleshooting tips.

Let’s get started!

What is Flavia?

You’re plenty familiar with the Nespresso or the Keurig, but not as much with Flavia. This hot beverage system produces not only coffee but hot chocolates and teas. Until 2018, Flavia was a Mars Drink product, then Italian coffee brand Lavazza acquired Flavia.

Flavia is a direct competitor to Keurig, specifically the brand’s K-Cups, as Flavia works in a similar fashion. Theirs are called Fresh Packs. The gist is that you insert the Fresh Pack into the coffee machine’s brewing chamber and voila, you have fresh, delicious coffee.

The current line of Flavia coffee machines includes the Creation 150, the Creation 200, the Creation 500, and the Creation 600. Their Fresh Pack options have brews from brands such as Starbucks, Peet’s, La Colombe, Lavazza, and Alterra. 

How to Use a Flavia Coffee Machine

Maybe you picked up a Starbucks Veranda Coffee Fresh Pack or a La Colombe Monaco Coffee Fresh Pack. You’re all ready to use your Flavia coffee machine. Per the steps in the intro, let’s get brewing!

Here’s how. 

Step 1: Plugging in the Flavia

For best results, your Flavia coffee machine should be on a level surface such as a kitchen countertop. Take the cord of the machine and plug it into the nearest power supply if it’s not already plugged in.

Step 2: Filling the Water Reservoir

Next, you need to access Flavia’s water reservoir. This will be nearer the top of the machine. The lid to the water tank should be closed by default, so you’ll have to open it. Pour in cold water to the line that reads Max. Then close the reservoir lid.

 For your first use ONLY, you will need to do a priming cycle. Before placing your fresh pack run machine through a priming cycle to fill hot tanks with water and rid any air in the device.

Step 3: Inserting the Fresh Pack

Now you’re ready to add your Fresh Pack of choice to the Flavia coffee machine. It’s not as easy as flipping open a lid like you did to access the water reservoir, though. You have to rotate the pack door lid 1/4th of the way counterclockwise. 

When the lid is open, you’ll now see the brew head. Add your Fresh Pack and push it so it’s firmly inserted. You’ll know you did it correctly because you’ll hear a click.

Step 4: Closing the Pack Door Lid

Just as opening the pack door lid took rotating it, as does closing the door. You’ll have to turn it 1/4th of the way clockwise this time. 

Step 5: Placing the Coffee Cup

Take a clean, empty coffee mug and put it on Flavia’s base plate. Position the brew head so it’s as near your cup as possible. Be sure to choose an appropriate cup size for the brew setting you chose to avoid overflow.

Step 6: Selecting Your Beverage

What kind of drink are you in the mood for today? Maybe you want tea, but since you’re reading this, we assume you’re craving coffee. 

Take note you’re pressing the right button. Avoid the left button, which makes beverages such as hot chocolate. If you’re using only one Fresh Pack, then press the center button; this button is also for brewing tea. For coffee with dual packs, you’d press the button on the right.

If brewing a specialty drink, press “specialties” in the menu and select either cappuccino, latte, or mocha.

Step 7: Brewing

You’re about done now. After making your selection, Flavia will begin brewing your coffee. When it’s done, remove your coffee cup from the base plate. Give the Flavia at least a minute to cool down before you take the empty Fresh Pack and throw it in the trash. 

Flavia Coffee Machine Troubleshooting

Although the Flavia coffee machine is a solid coffeemaker, after long periods of use, yours might not work as well as it once did. This section will serve as your troubleshooting guide so you can get your Flavia brewing again. Your machine may need some cleaning, repairs, or possibly in need of a replacement.

Your Flavia Dispenses Coffee Slowly or Makes Too Little Coffee at a Time

The Flavia isn’t an instant coffee maker, but you remember it brewing coffee a lot faster than it does these days. Also, you’ve noticed that the coffee the machine produces is minuscule. You barely get enough to fill your cup!

Mineral accumulation will cause these issues. Not only does the scale prevent how well the Flavia works, but it makes your coffee taste bitter too no matter which Flavor Pack you use. 

About once every two months, combine water (three parts) with vinegar (one part) and pour it through the water reservoir to clean it. 

Run the Flavia like you would when brewing coffee so the mixture can pass through the entire machine, and it should work a lot better.

You Hear a Popping Noise When You Choose Your Type of Beverage

This has only happened to you a couple of times, but you’ve noticed that when you choose coffee or hot chocolate that the Flavia pops. You wonder if its internal wiring is faulty. 

According to Flavia manufacturer, the popping sound is perfectly normal and even “confirmation of the optimal freshness of your beverage.” Who knew? 

You Can’t Get the Pack Door to Close

You’re positive you inserted the Fresh Pack into the pack door correctly, but no matter how much you rotate it, you can’t get the door to close again. 

First, open the pack door and check for any obstructions around the latch. Confirm that the door isn’t loose or otherwise working incorrectly. 

You may still feel some resistance when closing the pack door, Flavia says this is to be expected. Behind the scenes, the Flavia is piercing through the Flavor Pack, hence the resistance.

Your Indicator Lights Are Not Working Properly

The indicator lights tell you that the Flavia is brewing your beverage as you asked, well, unless those lights aren’t working correctly, that is. Here’s what each type of indicator light malfunction represents.

  • The right light is flashing – If you’re using two Flavor Packs, check that they’re both inserted properly
  • The lights are flashing slowly – This means the Flavia is warming up the water within the coffee machine, which might require 90 seconds in some instances
  • The lights are flashing fast – You might have overfilled the water reservoir, so turn off the machine and check

Your Flavia Is Leaking Water

You walked away for a second when brewing coffee only to come back to a puddle of water surrounding the Flavia. 

This issue can have a number of causes. The drip tray might have overflowed, you could have added too much water to the water reservoir, or the pack door could be open. If it’s none of those issues, you’ll have to contact customer service.

Final Thoughts

Flavia coffee machines are a great way to enjoy flavorful coffee quickly and easily at home. Now that you know how to brew using this coffeemaker and what to do if your machine has trouble, you’re ready to try all the Flavia Flavor Packs! 

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