Tired of Burnt, Bitter Coffee?

Get The Smoothest Coffee
You Will Ever Taste

Our Coffee Promise

Consistently Smooth, Never Bitter, Never Burnt

Our Roasting Process

All of our beans are air roasted by a master roaster, instead of traditional drum roasting.
Each bean is suspended in air to ensure a nice even roast.
The chaff of the bean is then vacuumed away from the final product,
Leaving you with a smooth cup of coffee each and every time.

Know The Difference

Air roasting can provide better control over the roasting process, but many roasters prefer the classic drum method for roasting coffee beans.
At Taste The Latte we believe air roasting is the best way to go!

Air Roasting

The Chaff of the coffee bean is removed during roasting

A standard air roaster can roast a batch of green coffee beans in as little as six to eight minutes.

Air-roasted beans are thought to have a more pure flavor than drum-roasted beans.

Beans are roasted “to temperature”, which is a much more precise technique for knowing when a batch has finished roasting.

Master roasters can easily duplicate batches of coffee beans, recreating the same color, flavor profiles, and aroma of the coffee beans.

Drum Roasting

The Chaff stays in the drum, burned and smokes creating inconsistent final roasts.

Roasting takes up to 15 minutes and are sometimes roasted to color designated by the roaster causing inconsistent batches.

The roasting process adds new flavors and very little of the original bean flavor is retained

Beanseans are considered done when they reach a certain color designated by the roaster.

Inconsistency is caused due to subjective measurements of doneness.

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